Semper-Fi Vehicle & Self Storage Inc.®       
910-355-2768   910-219-7867  910-333-0202
1734 Piney Green Rd Jacksonville, NC 28546  2757 Piney Green Rd Midway Park, NC 28544   195 NC HWY 172 Hubert, NC 28539

     Semper-Fi Vehicle Storage    
                                      1734 Piney Green Road Jacksonville, NC 28546
                                              (910) 355-2768        (910) 340-2768
                                            SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE US 

                                   Our goal, is making your vehicle our top priority,
                                We understand how important your vehicle is to you, 
            We make you feel comfortable enough so you do not have to worry about your ride.

Our Lot/ Security

Our vehicle storage lot is spread out over fifteen acres of cleared land with a gravel surface.  We don't allow trees or grass on our lot.  It is fully enclosed with an eight foot high chain link fence along with a privacy fence.  The fence is topped with razor wire for the safety of your vehicle.  The entrance to the lot has an electric roll gate for added security. 

The lot is sprayed by trained personnel with  insecticide and herbicide.  This ensures that our lot is free of grass, weeds and pests.  We also bait for rodents.  We strive to make sure that we do everything possible to keep all hazards clear from your vehicle.

We do ask that all food is discarded from your vehicle.  We have trash bins on location if you did not do this before hand.  A comfortable seating area is available for you to fill out your necessary paper work.  We have knowledgeable personnel on hand to help you in any way. 

  • There are 32 cameras that record on a 24/7 basis
  • 20,000 watts of power that light up the night sky
  • On site fire truck and extinguishers
  • Security Guards live on the premises for added security
  • Everything is maintained on a daily basis




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